Home Buyers Report

Worst Mistakes You Can Make When Buying A Home

* The wrong house

This is a very costly mistake when you buy a house that only after moving in you realize it is either too big or too small.  Usually people are buying based on emotions.  Only because you like the decorations or, even worse, the way the furniture is displayed, it may not look the same with your furniture in.

 * Bidding blind

Some buyers offer an offer above the true market value of the property, or, even worse, they go over their financial ability of paying the mortgage.  Today the rates are maybe attractive, however would you be able to pay once they go up by 1%?  Or if you or your spouse lose your job?

*  Closing Rush

Make sure you see all the documents at least the day before closing.  That way you will avoid last minute problems – such as interest rate other than the one you agreed previously, or the insurance company didn’t send the certificate to the financial institute, therefore they don’t advance the funds, etc.

Remember, working with a realtor who cares about YOU will help you to have a smooth transaction and avoid lots of aggravation and stress on the closing day!